Hotmail Settings

Hotmail provided over the internet, you know, a simple e - mail service is free and is used by users. This article hotmail, you can give some information about the settings. The first e - mail account with access to the system. After entry appears above right screw is similar to the title, you'll see a sign. That icon, and then ticking the following hotmail settings section, you can enter the e - mail settings, and to him there is a popup menu. In general, if you look here you can see all the settings. This sets you within the security section of your address, your account information, e-mail writing and reading e-mail, under the title of general information, management, and blocking your outlook account ozellestrme features such as screen divisions. Hotmail settings under your account according to your sekilledirebi, you see unnecessary blocking the e-mails, use a comfortable sagayabi. About the settings that can be attached to your head the answer to any problem here with comfort, you can find a comfortable way, and the problems you can solve.